Snowmen List

Hundreds of new charms and signs for 2016!

All snowmen have a charm or other special decoration & are $6.95 each, or 3 for $19.95. Shipping is $2.50 for one snowman; for two or more we’ll try to keep it to a minimum. Priority Mail (on request) will be charged as per USPS rates. Postage just keeps going up, along with packing materials, but we keep it as low as we can.

We can do custom signs!! Special sign requests can be accommodated (although a specific charm may not be available for it), but extra time may be required to complete & ship the order. The snowmen listed here are our main inventory that we bring to shows (this can vary a bit from place to place). If you don’t see something you are searching for, drop us a line…we have probably made it at one time or another, or can make one for you!

We also do “name” snowmen that have a sign with a person’s name and its meaning; these are not listed on the site, but are available in red, pink, lavender, yellow, pink/silver, med. blue, light blue, black, camo, or green, and are also $6.95.

Creativity Is Allowing Yourself To Make Mistakes…Art Is Knowing Which Ones To Keep
Nothing Says Home Like The Smell Of Baking
Biker Chick
A Book A Day Keeps The Reality Away!
It’s All About Butterflies
Eat. Sleep. Take Pictures
It’s Always Time To Be With My Car!
Eat. Sleep. On My Cell Phone
It’s All About Chickens
College Is My Life
Warning: Addicted To My Computer
The Best Time For Cooking Is Always!
It’s All About Country
It’s All About Cows
Warning: Addicted To Craft Shows
It’s All About Dinosaurs
It’s All About Dragons
It’s All About Dr. Who
It’s All About Elephants
Warning: Addicted To Facebook
It’s All About Flamingos
Love My Flip-Flops!
It’s All About Frogs
Warning: I Brake For Garage Sales! I Mean…Every Garage Sale!
Gardening Is My Happy Place
It’s All About Giraffes
It’s A Girl Scout Thing
It’s All About Goats
It’s A Gold Wing Thing!
"It You’re Gonna Do It, Do It On A Harley!"
It’s A Harley Thing
Eat. Sleep. Read Harry Potter
It’s All About Hedgehogs
It’s All About Hippos
Life Is Too Short To Wear Boring Jewelry
It’s A John Deere Thing
Eat. Sleep. Knit
It’s All About Koalas
Eat. Sleep. Play With Legos
Lighthouse Lover!
It’s All About Monkeys
"You Can’t Buy Happiness, But, Buy A Motorcycle And That’s Pretty Close"
Life Is Better Watching NASCAR
Eat. Sleep. Netflix Binge. Repeat
It’s All About Owls
It’s All About Pandas
It’s All About Penguins
It’s All About Pigs
Eat. Sleep. Pokémon GO
The Voices Told Me To Buy More Purses!
Quilts Are Fabric Hugs Made With Love In Every Stitch
Quilters Know When To Hold Them And Know When To Fold Them
Live Fast And Race!
Home Sweet Home RV!
Scrapbooking Puts Me In My Happy Place
Sewing Puts Me In My Happy Place
It’s All About Sheep
The Voices Told Me To Buy More Shoes!
It’s A Shoe Thing
Shopping Is Always A Good Idea
Eat. Sleep. Snapchat
May The Force Be With You (Star Wars)
Texting Is Always A Good Idea
Theatre Puts Me In My Happy Place!
It’s A Tractor Thing
It’s A Train Thing
To Travel Is To Live
It’s A Truck Thing
It’s A Turtle Thing
Video Gamers Take It To The Next Level
Xbox Players Take It To The Next Level
Eat. Sleep. YouTube

It’s Bingo Time!
It’s Bridge Time!
Out Of My Way…It’s Time For Bunco!
The Sky Is The Limit At The Casino!

Choir Makes The World A Happier Place
Must…Play…French Horn!
Marching Band Makes The World A Happier Place
Music Makes The World A Happier Place
Orchestra Makes The World A Happier Place
"I Don’t Always Sing. Oh, Wait…Yes I Do!"

Beer Makes Me Happy
I Drink Wine Because My Doctor Says I Shouldn’t Keep Things Bottled Up
A Good Friend Gives You A Glass Of Wine…A Great Friend Hands Over The Bottle
"I’m A Wine Enthusiast…The More I Drink, The More Enthusiastic I Become"
Believe In Something…I Believe I’ll Have Another Glass Of Wine
"Relax, Unwind, It’s Margarita Time!"
Life Is Too Short To Live Without Martinis!
Take Life With A Grain Of Salt…And A Wedge Of Lime And A Shot Of Tequila!
Nothing Says Home Like The Smell Of Baking
The Best Time For Cooking Is Always!
Panera Makes Everything Better!
Life Is Short…Let’s Have McDonald’s!
Starbucks Makes Everything Better!
Give Me Coffee And Nobody Gets Hurt
Give Me Bacon And Nobody Gets Hurt
Tea Is Always A Good Idea
Give Me Ice Cream And Nobody Gets Hurt
Pizza Makes Me Happy
"Every Time I Hear The Word “Exercise”, I Wash My Mouth Out With Chocolate"
"When Life Gives You Chocolate, Eat It All And Tell No One"
There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Chocolate
It’s A Vegan Thing
"It’s All Mountain Dew All The Time (as usual, we can do other drinks not listed)"
It’s All Diet Mountain Dew All The Time
It’s All Pepsi All The Time
It’s All Diet Pepsi All The Time
It’s All Coca-Cola All The Time
It’s All Diet Coke All The Time
It’s All 7 Up All The Time
It’s All Dr Pepper All The Time

Gotta Play (my, the, a, go, etc.)

Cross Country
Ice Skating

Ballet…Is Like Dreaming With Your Feet
Life Is Simple. Eat. Sleep. Go Bowling
"Cheerleading Isn’t My Passion, It’s My Obsession!"
Why Walk Your Way Through Life When You Can Dance?
Everyone Ought To Believe In Something. I Believe I’ll Go Fishing
Born To Fish. Forced To Work
Warning: I’m A Gymnast And Could Flip At Any Moment
Attention: We Interrupt This Marriage For Hunting Season!
There’s A Fine Line Between Hunting And Sitting There Looking Stupid
Eat. Sleep. Do Karate
Eat. Sleep. Do Pom Poms
Eat. Sleep. Do Taekwondo

Life Is Simple. Eat. Sleep. Be A…Fan

(we can make signs for most any team, & have charms for many different sports; high school teams; “Kansas City Royals-2015 World Series Champions”, “Midwest High Warriors- Ashley #33” etc.)
Alabama Crimson Tide
Arkansas Razorbacks
Atlanta Falcons
Augustana Vikings
Ball State Cardinals
Boston Red Sox
Bradley Braves
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Lions
Detroit Tigers
Detroit Pistons
Fighting Illini
Fighting Irish (Notre Dame)
Florida Gators
Green Bay Packers
Illinois State Redbirds
Indiana Hoosiers
Indianapolis Colts
Iowa Hawkeyes
Iowa State Cyclones
Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Royals
Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas State Wildcats
Kentucky Wildcats
Marquette Golden Eagles
Michigan State Spartans
Michigan Wolverines
Miami Dolphins
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Vikings
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Minnesota Wild
Minnesota Timberwolves
Minnesota Twins
Mizzou Tigers
NDSU Bison
Nebraska Cornhuskers
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Giants
New York Yankees
Northern Illinois Huskies
Ohio State Buckeyes
Oklahoma Sooners
Oklahoma City Thunder
Oklahoma State Cowboys/Cowgirls
Omaha Mavericks
Penn State Nittany Lions
Pittsburgh Steelers
Purdue Boilermakers
San Francisco ‘49ers
Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Blues
Wisconsin Badgers

It’s Wonderful To Have A…Like You

Aunt & Uncle
Brother In Law
Daughter In Law
Mother In Law
Sister In Law
Son In Law

Other Loved Ones:

A Good Neighbor is A True Blessing
Coworkers Are Simply Good Side-By-Side Friends
Engaged 2016
Married 2016
Baby’s First Christmas 2016
Baby on Board!
Adoption…Some Things Are Worth The Wait
Twins Are Double The Love!
Triplets Are Triple The Blessings! (we can do quadruplets too)
I’m A Princess Because My Mom Is A Queen
I Have A Great Mom And I Love Her More And More Every Day!
I’m As Lucky As Can Be Because You’re The World’s Best Dad To Me!
To Have A Daughter Is To Find A Place In Your Heart That Misses Her When You Are Apart
A Daughter Is One Of The Most Beautiful Gifts This World Has To Give
"Side By Side Or Miles Apart, We Are Sisters Connected By The Heart"
Sisters Are Angels Who Lift Us To Our Feet When Our Own Wings Are Having Trouble
You And I Are Sisters. Remember That If You Fall I Will Pick You Up…As Soon As I Finish Laughing
I Can’t Remember If I’m The Good Sister Or The Evil One!
My Brother Has The Coolest Sister
A True Friend Is One Who Makes You Laugh So Hard You Pee A Little!
"A Friend Is Someone Who Will Bail You Out Of Jail. A Best Friend Says, “Let’s Do It Again!”"
Friendship Is Not A Big Thing…It’s A Million Little Things
"Friends Are Not The Family You Have Been Given, But The Family That Has Been Chosen…"
We’ll Be Friends Until We’re Old And Senile…Then We’ll Be New Friends!
My Great Grandma Rocks!
The Best Moments Are Grandma Moments
"Of All The Names I Have Been Called, I Like Grandma Best!"
I’m Going To Be A Grandma!
"There’s No Place Like Home, Except Grandma’s!"
T.G.I.F: This Grandpa Is Fantastic!
What Happens At My Aunt’s Stays At My Aunt’s!
In Memory Of…
You Say “Crazy Cat Lady” Like It’s A Bad Thing
Leave Me Alone…I’m Only Speaking To My Cat Today
Dogs Make Me Happy
I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life
A Horse Lover Is A Sure Sign Of A Stable Mind!
Life Is Good…But Horses Make It Better

(we have many others not listed, and can do most anything on a custom order…from activity director to zoologist!)
The Sky’s The Limit In The U.S. Air Force
Be All You Can Be In The U.S. Army
Riding The Waves In The U.S. Navy
The Few. The Proud. The Marines
The U.S. Coast Guard: Always Prepared
Eat. Sleep. Be In The U.S. Merchant Marine
Accountants Count On Those Numbers
Best. Babysitter. Ever
"Bankers Work Numbers, Not Miracles!"
Bank Tellers Have To Keep A Good Balance
Best. Bartender. Ever
It’s Always Hammer Time When You’re A Carpenter
Chiropractors Achieve Better Healthy Lifestyles!
Best. CNA. Ever
The Coach Is Always Right!
Counselors Help People Move Through The Steps And Challenges Of Life
Day Care Workers: Making A Difference One Child At A Time
"Dentists Make The World A Better Place, One Smile At A Time"
Best. Dental Assistant. Ever
Dental Hygienists Like To Put A Smile On Every Face
Dietitians Help You Step Up To The Plate And Change Your Life
Best. Doctor. Ever
Electricians Are Always In Charge!
"EMTs: You Call, We Haul!"
"The Engineer’s Motto: If It Isn’t Broken, Take It Apart And Fix It!"
Farming Is Not Just A Job…It’s A Way Of Life!
"If You Think Being A Firefighter Is Tough, Try Being His Wife!"
Firefighters Are The First In And Last Out
Hairstylists: Making The World Beautiful One Person At A Time
I Have A PhD: Professional Hair Stylist Degree
Kindergarten Teachers: It Takes A Big Heart To Help Shape Little Minds!
Lab Techs Get A Little “Testy”
"Yes, I’m A Lawyer, But I Use My Powers For Good!"
Massage Therapists Use Hands-On Therapy That Gets Results!
Mechanics Keep The World Rolling!
Best. Medical Assistant. Ever
Nail Techs Color The World
Nurses Know How To Take The Pressure!
Save One Life And You’re A Hero. Save A Hundred Lives And You’re A Nurse!
Nurse: Like A Doctor But Nicer And With Better Handwriting!
Occupational Therapists Help You Make It Happen
"Paramedics: You Call, We Haul!"
Pet Groomers: Making The World Beautiful One Pet At A Time!
Pet Sitters Take Paws-itively Great Care of Our Furry Friends!
Have No Fear… The P.E. Teacher Is Here
Pharmacists: Drugs Are My Life!
Pharmacy Techs Know How To Mix It Up!
Physical Therapists: Making The World A Better Place One Person At A Time!
Physician Assistants Listen To The Voices In Their Stethoscopes!
Plumbers Always Deal You A Straight Flush!
Police Officers Are Everyday Heroes Who Serve And Protect
Postal Workers Always Deliver!
Preschool Teachers Enjoy The Little Things In Life
"Principals Make The World A Better Place, One Student At A Time"
Radiologists See Right Through You!
Realtors. Eat-Sleep-Sell!
Respiratory Therapists Never Take A Breath For Granted
Bus Drivers Get You Where You Need To Go!
Secretaries Hold It All Together!
"Social Workers: Saving The World, One Problem At A Time"
"Special Ed Teachers Teach From The Heart, Not The Book"
Speech Therapists Open The World Of Communication
Teachers Who Love Teaching…Teach Children To Love Learning
A Teacher Gives; A Teacher Shares; But Most Of All A Teacher Cares
Teachers Write On The Hearts Of Their Students Things The World Will Never Erase
Best. Teacher’s Aide. Ever
Trainers Murder Fat For A Living
Ultrasound Techs Know It’s What’s on The Inside That Counts
The UPS Driver Always Makes Special Deliveries!
"Veterinarians Save Lives, One Critter At A Time"
Vet Techs Are A Special Breed!
Waitresses Like To Serve It Out!
"If You’ve Ever Said, “Turn Out The Lights, I Can’t See!”, You’re Probably An X-Ray Tech"

I Love Angels
B.E.A.C.H.: Best Escape Anyone Can Have!
"Family…We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All"
You Call It Chaos…We Call It Family!
"Enjoy The Little Things In Life, For One Day You Will Look Back And They Were The Big Things…"
Disney World Makes Me Happy
Bless Our New Home 2016
Life Is Good ‘Cuz I’m Sixteen And Driving!
It’s All About The Braces!
Sweet “16”!
I Don’t Have Hot Flashes. I Have Short Private Vacations in The Tropics.
Being Left Handed Makes Me Happy
Retirement Only Means That It Is Time For A New Adventure
It IS All About Me!
I Don’t Want To Brag…But I Can Still Fit Into The Earrings I Wore In High School.
"Mirror, Mirror On The Wall- I Am My Mother After All!"
"Without Family, Alcohol Wouldn’t Be Necessary"
It’s A Redhead Thing!
"Wherever You Go And Whatever You Do, May The Luck Of The Irish Be With You!"
Happiness Is Being Italian
Short Girls Rock!
"When Life Gets Too Hard To Stand, Kneel."
Breast Cancer Survivor
Cancer Survivor
"I Don’t Get Drunk, I Get Awesome!"
"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!"